This page is a guide to what funding is available to you for academic study leave in your ACF, NIHR CL and non-NIHR CL posts.

The information below relates to any study leave you take in line with your Academic Training. For study leave relating to your clinical development, you should apply to your employing Trust for all requests and claims. Please contact the Medical Education Managers in your trust for full details.

Academic Study Leave Budget for NIHR ACFs

Your academic study leave budget is £1000 pa – a bursary to be put towards your actual research costs, attending conferences, travel associated with your research and any other bona fide research costs. At the moment, the procedure is that you discuss a potential conference with your academic supervisor. You may find that the Learning Needs Analysis will help with this. If your academic supervisor approves, then you go ahead and book any leave you might require, making sure your clinical rota manager is aware that you may be away if that’s appropriate.   

Expense claims are paid by cheque or bank transfer. To request payment complete this form

Please send your signed, completed form, along with original receipts, to Alison Needler, CAT School administrator, Alison Needler, Centre for Academic Primary Care. Room 1.01, Canynge Hall. 39 Whatley Road. Bristol. BS8 2PS.  You can send hard copies in the mail, or scan and email the paperwork.

  • You can only claim after an event and you need to submit proof of attendance.  If you're meeting with a supervisor or at a research meeting, an email from the lead supervisor confirming your attendance is required.
  • You need an itemised receipt showing what you have bought. A Visa or credit receipt is not enough.
  • For rail tickets, you need an itemised receipt showing the stations travelled to/from, or the actual ticket. The visa/credit card receipt you get with your ticket is not enough. You can either ask for a full receipt when you buy the ticket, or when you come to the barrier ask to be let through manually so you can retain your ticket.
  • For contactless payments ask for a receipt when you buy something.
  • If you are travelling on London Underground and use contactless payment, Finance need proof. They will accept your travel history which you can get by registering here 
  • A bank or visa card statement is not acceptable.
  • Please keep copies of your claim and receipts.  

There is no set number of days that you can take.

There is a second funding stream that is available to pay for actual research training ie attending courses, of £4,500. These courses should be at credit bearing level and you should discuss attendance with your academic supervisor. If approved, follow the same procedure as above.

Academic Study Leave Budget for NIHR CLs

There is a funding stream available of £1000 pa, to be put towards your actual research costs, attending conferences, travel associated with your research and any other bona fide research costs.  You are now required to input your claims on the UoB MyERP system.  Please input at much information as you can and remember to include scans of all receipts and proof of attendance certificates.  You'll find more information on MyERP Support

Academic Study Leave Funding for non-NIHR ACFs and CLs

There is a small amount of funding available to be put towards your bona fide academic research training costs.