ARCP Advice for Clinical Academic Trainees (Academic Clinical Fellows and Clinical Lecturers)

NB Primary Care ACFs and ACLs should follow this guidance but complete the paperwork as outlined on the Guidance for Academic/Clinical GP Specialty Trainees page


It is important that you continually consider your formal training needs. Attached is a Learning Needs Analysis form which you need to fill in with your academic supervisor so it is important that you arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible after starting your post.

This forms the basis of your personal development plan which will be considered at your annual assessment (ARCP). Please take some time to look at your training needs and choose appropriate courses to go on that will show your assessment panel that you are following a clear development plan.

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) provide a useful guide to enable you to demonstrate academic progress.  Please see link below:

AMS Guidelines for monitoring clinical academic training and progress - A guide for trainees, supervisors and assessors

This should be reviewed in conjunction with the most recent version of the Gold Guide and we refer you to sections 3.140 – 3.148 and 4.138 – 4.149.

You should also download the following:

Personal Development Plan  – this form is designed to assist both the trainee and the academic supervisor in formulating objectives on which progress will be assessed annually.

Report on Academic Progress - the named academic supervisor is required to complete the ‘Report on Academic Progress’ which must be signed by the trainee for submission to the annual joint academic / clinical ARCP panel. 


Annual Assessment (ACRP)

An annual review of academic progress must be undertaken and should take place at least one month before the joint academic / clinical ARCP panel convenes.  The ‘Report on Academic Progress’ along with any other supporting documentation (i.e. learning needs analysis and PDP) should be uploaded to your e-portfolio and a copies sent via e-mail to your Education Programme Manager at the Deanery who will ensure they are  sent to the academic representative(s) on the ARCP panel.

Trainees are not permitted to attend the panel meeting as this is a review of the evidence submitted.  Trainees are only required to meet with members of the panel where the Training Programme Director or the named academic supervisor indicate that an outcome 2, 3 or 4 are a potential outcome or there are concerns about the academic component.   HEE has provided a position statement on providing ARCP feedback to trainees which can be found here.

However, it is recognised that there are limited opportunities to facilitate meetings for the trainee with both academic and clinical leads and therefore either a face to face or virtual meeting immediately after the ARCP should be arranged, where possible.  This does not form part of the ARCP but will provide an opportunity for the academic trainee to meet with the Training Programme Director and Academic representative(s) to reflect on their progress of the last year and discuss how their research and clinical objectives can be achieved in the next 12 months.


ARCP Panel Composition

The panel must consist of at least three panel members of which one must be either the Postgraduate Dean (or their nominated deputy, the Head of School or Training Programme Director.  The panel should also have input from a lay advisor and an external advisor who will review at least a random 10% of the outcomes and evidence supporting these.

For joint academic / clinical ARCPs the panel must also include at least one academic representative, however, it is preferred that panels have two representatives, one internal and one external to the specialty. 

All panel members, including academic representatives, must be trained for the role.  This training should be kept up to date and refreshed every three years.  An online learning package is available here

Academic representative(s) should attend the panel which could be virtual using appropriate video conferencing technology (i.e. MS Teams). 



Academic Trainee

  1. To meet with their academic supervisor at least one month before the ARCP to complete the Report on Academic Progress
  2. To upload the Report on Academic Progress, Learning Needs Analysis and Personal Development Plan to the e-portfolio and send a copy to the Education Programme Manager at least one week before the ARCP panel


Academic Supervisor

  1. To complete the Report on Academic Progress which need to be signed by the trainee for submission to the joint academic / clinical ARCP panel.  This must include details of academic placements, academic training modules and other relevant academic experience, together with an assessment of the academic competences / capabilities achieved


Academic Representative on the Panel

  1. The academic representative(s) on the panel should review the PDP and  the Report on Academic Progress in advance of the ARCP and contribute to a global assessment of the trainee’s progress making a recommendation of the trainees suitability to remain on the academic programme.
  2. Where there are concerns about academic progress the academic representative should meet with the trainee as soon as practical after the ARCP to provide feedback and liaise with the trainee’s academic supervisor. 


Education Programme Manager

  1. The Education Programme Managers (EPM) coordinate the ARCP process for each specialty school
  2. The EPM will contact the specialty academic lead at least three months before the ARCP date to request an internal academic representative to be on the panel.  If the EPM does not know who the academic specialty lead is they should contact Alison Needler (CAT School Administrator at the University of Bristol). 
  3. Trainee(s) to be notified of the date of the ARCP with at least three months’ notice and signpost them to the requirements for the academic ARCP
  4. To contact Alison Needler with at least three months’ notice to request an external academic representative to be on the ARCP panel
  5. To provide the academic representatives with all documentation relating to the academic component at least one week before the joint academic / clinical ARCP. This would preferably be done through the trainee e-portfolio where possible.


CAT School Administrator

  1. To identify the external academic representative for the ARCP panel and provide the details to the EPM